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Was bleibt von der Vergangenheit? PDF Print E-mail

Stiftung für die Rechte zukünftiger Generationen (1999)
Was bleibt von der Vergangenheit? Die junge Generation im Dialog über den Holocaust.

Berlin: C.H. Links. 288 Pages ISBN 3-86153-192-5, Price: 20 €

was_bleibt_von_der_vergangenheitWhat remains from the past? The young generation discuss the Holocaust This book was published simultaneously by Christoph Links publishing as a paperback, and by the Tremmel publishing company as an Internet edition. The revolutionary generation of '68 accused the authors of the German constitution of passing the basic laws under the premise of ‘Auschwitz must never be allowed to happen again'. This generation exposed German post-war insecurity and repression of issues surrounding the Holocaust. Along with the anti-fascists of the GDR, the generation of '68 demanded a broad and honest confrontation with the Holocaust, a demand that continues into the present day. The theme has been central to the German identity since 1945.

This book allows the young, the “first Berlin generation”, to try for the first time to find their own language for the Holocaust. After an introduction by the former Federal President Roman Herzog, 15 young authors consider the German heritage of their generation. Here it becomes apparent which parts of the teachings of Federal German democracy and German Democratic anti-fascism they have internalized and which they reject. As yet, young Germans have not been asked what lessons have to be learned from Auschwitz and how Germany has to deal with its heritage. This book allows them to engage in public discourse, to ask questions and find answers, emerging from a terrible century for Germany with a new hope for the future.