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Books of the FRFG buch_kirchlich

One of the tasks of the foundation is to help young scientists to publish. The Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations, therefore, regularly publishes books and other texts in cooperation with diverse publishing companies. For more detailed information about our publications, click on the links to the various works.

The interdisciplinary anthology "Demographic Change and Intergenerational Justice" aims to shed light on the complex relationship between population developments and intergenerational justice. Intergenerational justice has been achieved if the opportunities of the members of the next generation to fulfill their needs are better than those of the members of the preceding generation. For this, each generation ought to leave for the next generation an amount of resources is at least equal to its own amount.The book deals with the complex relationship between intergenerational justice and demographic change and is characterized by its interdisciplinary approach. The authors come from a multitude of professional backgrounds and from several countries. This illustrates the implications of the demographic shift from many different perspectives. The books deals not only with the aspects of economic policy but also with environmental, societal and philosophical issues. The comprehensive volume is composed of five sections that pinpoint demographic trends, examine the impact of demographic changes on key indicators, investigate the relationship between key indicators and intergenerational justice, scrutinize population policies, and finally propose ways to implement long-term thinking on these issues.                                   

 Another current book project is the anthology: "Wahlrecht ohne Altersgrenze? Verfassungsrechtliche, demokratietheoretische und entwicklungspsychologische Aspekte" (Voting rights without age limits? Considerations of constitutional law, democratic theory and psychological development), due out in summer 2008.

In 2006, FRFG published its first English-language book, the very successful "Handbook of Intergenerational Justice." This Handbook provides a detailed overview of various issues related to intergenerational justice. Comprising articles written by a distinguished group of scholars from the international scientific community, the Handbook is divided into two main thematic sections – foundations and definitions of intergenerational justice and institutionalization of intergenerational justice. Reading this foundational work is the best way to gain an overall knowledge of intergenerational justice—an extremely salient and topical issue of our time. The Handbook is an important contribution to the literature and will be of great interest to academics and graduate students as well as readers interested in wider human rights issues. Price: 50 €

“Unternehmensleitbild Generationengerechtigkeit - Theorie und Praxis” (Intergenerational Justice as the Mission Statement of Business—In Theory and Practice) by Jörg Tremmeland Gotlind Ulshöfer was published by IKO in 2005. The term “intergenerational justice" is becoming one of the key words in today's society. The fact that this new term is relevant to businesses is irrefutable, given that most of the global financial investors are no longer government-run but rather transnational corporations. This volume provides an analysis of intergenerational justice in business, examines its socio-political connections, and provides a guide for its implementation., Price: 25 €

The FRFG has been publishing academic books since 2002. The first of these contributions is "Handbuch Generationengerechtigkeit" (Intergenerational Justice Handbook). This work offers critical new discussion points for Intergenerational Justice as well as a call to action for the public to support and become involved with intergenerational justice issues. It is, in essence, the German precursor to the 2006 English edition, "Handbook of Intergenerational Justice," but contains however different articles, and a slightly different range of issues. Price: 25 €

The third book the FRFG published, in October 1999, was "Was bleibt von der Vergangenheit . Die junge Generation über den Holocaust. Mit einem Beitrag von Roman Herzog" (What Remains from the Past? The young generation discuss the Holocaust. With an introduction by Roman Herzog, former president of Germany.) The book was published simultaneously by the Christoph Links publishing company as a paperback and by the Tremmel publishing company as an Internet edition. Price: 20 €

In May 1998, the FRFG published its second book, "Die 68er. Warum wir Jungen sie nicht mehr brauchen" (The ’68 Generation: Why we young people don't need them any more). On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the ’68 revolt, the FRFG spurred a debate on how young people view the 1968-generation, especially concerning present political problems. This generated a publication in which the authors agreed that the older generation, the ’68 generation, should gradually step back and allow for the next generation become a greater part of productive society and societal discussions. Price: 10 €

In September 1997 the book "Ihr habt dieses Land nur von uns geborgt" (You have only borrowed this land from us…) came out with Rasch und Rohring Publishing. It contained contributions from six young people between 17 and 26 years of age, and covered issues of environment, old age pensions, the labor society, national debt, education and children's rights. Price: 10 €