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The FRFG releases a bi-monthly digital newsletter on the theme of Intergenerational Justice. If you are interested in receiving this newsletter, simply send us an e-mail with the heading “Newsletter subscription” to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Summary of Press Releases

25th Nov 2011: FRFG Proposes a Capital Levy for Future Generations
The Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations (FRFG) proposes a levy on capital for the benefit of future generations: future investment in education and childcare should be safeguarded through the implementation of a small tax on large private fortunes. Simultaneously, the level of state debt could be decreased. Wolfgang Gründinger, FRFG Spokesman:

“A tax of 1% will not make any millionaire poorer, but 100% of children will benefit. Today’s young generation will have to pay for the enormous debt accumulated during the financial crisis for the rest of their lives. Moreover, whoever fails to invest in the education of today’s young generation will, in the process, be passing on a hidden debt for young and future generations.”

FRFG therefore proposes a levy on capital. It will take the form of a compulsory tax of 1% on very large private fortunes, namely those which are in excess of 1 million euros (roughly 860,000 British Pounds). In cooperating with this settlement, the rich will be making a fair contribution to a generationally just financial system.

15th Jan 2007: Panel discussion on the effects of demographic change
Member sof the FRFG  took part in a panel discussion on the effects of demographic change led by the mayor of Frankfurt Petra Roth (CDU). The following day, several papers noted his contribution. “We are living at the expense of future generations. Politicians have to do more for the young.” (NP. 16.01.07). Other papers pointed to the controversy of what he was saying. The FR explained the foundations position, that the current young generation is worse off than today’s retirees illustrating it with Tremmel’s point, that only every 100th pensioner relies on state contributions, whilst for children that number is one in seven. The Frankfurter Rundschau wrote: “The man has guts.” The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Rhein-Main-Zeitung both published the foundations viewpoint too.

1st December 2006: Television appearance on WDR “Staying young until the curtain call- is being old losing its dignity?
Tremmel in discussion with actor Uschi Glas, TV-vicar Jürgen Fliege, entrepreneur Titus Dittmann and gerontologist Ingrid Zundel.

18th August 2006: “Start thinking about the future today” Taunus-Zeitung
An article describing the work of the foundation in some depth, focusing on the newly founded idz (Institute for a Better Demographic Future): “Intergenerational justice does not only mean an intact Environment – keyword greenhouse effect – but it also involves thinking about population change…We’re not saying that the German race is dying out and it is all a big disaster, but we need a long-term plan to raise the birth rate in Germany.”(Tremmel)

5th August: “Union wants to use children as insurance against unemployment”
“This kind of policy is normally only found in the third world!” – an interview with Dr Jörg Tremmel in tz
Tremmel voices his opinion that children should not, as a rule, have to support their parents: Many of them are badly off themselves and cannot afford to do so. Germany has a good social security net which should not be given up so easily.

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As a result of its thought-provoking content, the FRFG has had a lot of feedback from the media over the last few years. Numerous interviews have been secured not only in the daily press but also on radio and TV - amounting to over 60 instances of press coverage and over 100 political talk shows. The media have also referenced a large number of research papers from FRFG members. The FRFG would like to expand further upon its links with journalists and to that end will continue to increase its output of information on projects and research results and to strengthen its dialogue with the media and the general public (see Press Releases). Our spokesperson will be available at all times to answer your enquiries.

The Foundation’s work in trying to create intergenerational justice has not gone unnoticed by the press. As the issues we deal with are becoming more topical, especially in Germany, the foundation and its employees have appeared in more and more newspaper articles around the country.