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Who We Are
The Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations (FRFG) is a research institute interconnecting science and politics. It deepens the knowledge about intergenerational justice and sustainability issues through its profound and practical research. Within the FRFG, young scientists from different disciplines work on interdisciplinary projects. As an advocacy think-tank, the FRFG also intends to raise awareness of intergenerational justice and sustainability inside the political arena. The organisation’s aim is not only to merely describe society, but to change it. Several hundred ‘Friends of FRFG’ provide the foundation’s financial basis and thus its independence.

What Do We want
In a time in which references to the term “generational justice” are becoming ever more common, a reliable, scientific and practically-oriented clarification of the concept is more important than ever. For us, generational justice is achieved when future generations are able satisfy their own needs to at least the same extent as today’s generation. The basic idea behind the concept is that mankind should not live at the expense of posterity.

What We Do
The FRFG organises symposia, congresses and conferences. We also publish books that are intelligible to all (e.g. the “Handbook of Intergenerational Justice”) as well as position papers which conclude with clear recommendations and possible future scenarios. The FRFG engages in several issues areas, including environmental policy, financial policy, educational policy, labour market policy, youth policy and peace policy as well as the institutionalisation of generational justice.

To stimulate interest in issues concerning the future among young scientists, the FRFG organises an Intergenerational Justice Award – endowed with a prize fund of €10,000. A call for papers for the prize is published biennially and the prize itself is awarded in the context of a symposium of the highest quality. The call for papers for the last prize (2011/12) focused on the following theme: “The Debt Brake - Evaluation in National and International Context.” The topics of earlier prizes can be found under the section “Awards” on our website. Information on the Demography Prize, which is also awarded biennially and endowed with a prize fund of €10,000, can also be found there.

In addition, the FRFG organises the Legislative Prize, which is awarded every four years, coinciding with general elections in Germany. The prize awards a law or legislative initiative which either removes a present injustice that affects future generations or protects future generations from future injustices.

Future citizens have no voice, no voting rights and no lobby. A further project of the FRFG aims to raise awareness about responsibility to the future through artwork.

Scientific Support

The young FRFG executive board is supported by a board of trustees and a scientific advisory council made up of influential scientists from all over the world such as Prof. Dr. Ernst Ulrich von Weizsaecker (Club of Rome), Dr. Hildegard Hamm-Bruecher (Theodor Heuss Foundation), Prof. Dr. Meinhard Miegel (Denkwerk Zukunft), and Prof. Dr. Rolf Kreibich (Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment).

In May 2000, the FRFG received the Theodor Heuss Medal. Furthermore, the federal state of Hessen honoured the FRFG with a foundation award in 2005. In 2008, the FRFG won the integration award of the German Apfelbaum Foundation. On 17th of May 2011 the European Commission awarded the FRFG a certificate for an outstanding European Voluntary Service project. The certificate was awarded to both Mrs. Marisa Quaresma dos Reis and the FRFG.

We need You!
We are always looking for people and organizations which want to collaborate with us in order to find reasonable solutions to problems on intergenerational justice. We will be happy to send you some further information packages.

Become a ‘friend of FRFG’ and help us make the world more generationally just!