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Symposium 2005 PDF Print E-mail

Young Leaders Congress, Berlin, 22-26 June 2005
Ecological Generational Justice into the Constitution? Europe’s Green Future in the 21st Century


Main Sponsor:

  • German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU)


  • Federal Ministry for Education and Research 
  • Protestant Academy Berlin
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Körber-Stiftung
  • Foundation for Rights of Future Generations



From the 22nd to 26th of June 2005 the FRFG, in cooperation with the AEGEE Europe, Evangelische Akademie zu Berlin, Institute für Zukunftsstudien (IZT) and YOIS Europe held the Young Leaders Congress in Berlin. The topic was “Ecological Generational Justice into the Constitution? Europe’s Green Future in the 21st Century.”. Young participants from all over Europe took an active part in the discussion. 


Besides the young participants, famous and important speakers from the academic and political sectors held  lectures. The congress was structured in lectures, work shops, a panel discussion and a strategy game . Furthermore a speech by the participants in the German Bundestag was organised by Anna Lührmann (the youngest member of the German Bundestag).

The main objective was to bring together young and motivated people from all over Europe with competent and well-known speakers in order to call attention to the unsolved problem of sustainability. The conference also served to create pan-European networks. Before, the approach of combining ecological with institutional issues was hardly to be found in the public discussions. We hope that this congress drew some attention to the problems of “sustainability and Intergenerational Justice”. At the end of the congress the participants expressed their aims through an official declaration- summarising the results of the congress. The congress will be the main topic of the 17th edition of our magazine “Intergenerational Justice”. The congress was a big success: the anchorage of ecological justice into the constitution is well on its way.