Symposium 2011

Fifth Intergenerational Justice Award Ceremony in Berlin

For the fifth time, the FRFG awarded the Intergenerational Justice Prize funded by the Apfelbaum Foundation and endowed with €10,000.

scheckuebergabeOn Wednesday, 23rd March, the FRFG hosted the award ceremony for the Intergenerational Justice Prize 2009/10 in Berlin. The laureates’ proposals on the topic “Possibilities and Limits of Cooperative Problem-Solving in Party Democracies” provoked a lively debate with the audience. The ceremony also included a panel discussion with several members of the German Bundestag. They all emphasized the necessity of stronger task orientation within politics. They agreed, however, that the media and the public still misperceived the considerable improvement already achieved in this respect. 

The laureates: Mathias König, Wolfgang König, Volker Best,
Wolfgang Gründinger (FRFG), Prof. Dr. Jun (Jury), Dr. Eike-Christian Hornig

The panelists:  Dr. Philipp Murmann (MdB CDU/CSU), Florian Bernschneider (MdB FDP), Dr. Dr. Jörg Tremmel (Associate Profesor, University of Tübingen), Kai Gehring (MdB Bündnis90/Die Grünen), Jutta Krellmann (MdB Die Linke)



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