Many people are involved in the success of the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations...

The Executive Board represents the Foundation to the public and leads its operations. It administers the Foundation’s budget and compiles a yearly report concerning the Foundation and its activities that is also meant for the general public. The Executive Board meets several times during the year to discuss the strategy and actions of the Foundation.

The Ambassadors spread the topics of the FRFG within their networks and provide impetus for the foundation work.

Employees and Volunteers are the staff of FRFG. In addition to its regular staff, the FRFG usually has some interns and volunteers.

The Scientific Advisory Board brings together scholars and renowned experts from the fields of Ecology, Politics, Ethics and Economy, and advises the Executive Board and the Foundation members.

The Board of Trustees supports the work of the Executive Board. 

If you want to support intergenerational justice, please consider becoming a member in the "Friends of FRFG"-club of the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations.