FRFG Conference on the introduction of the EU2020 Strategy

ImageOn June 24, 2010, the conference „The EU 2020 Strategy – Does it set up Europe for the 21st Century?“ was held in Berlin. EU 2020 is the successor to the Lisbon Agenda. The conference was organized by the European Commission in Germany and the FRFG in order to increase the profile of the strategy. In three panel discussions, „Sustainable Growth“, „Smart Growth“ and „Integrative Growth“, experts and officials of the EU-commission and of the German government discussed important aspects of the strategy. The FRFG was represented by Professor Rolf Kreibich, chairman of the Board of Trustees, and Patrick Wegner, research assistant at the FRFG.

Around 200 people participated in the full-day conference. The various experts‘ opinions and the focus on the civilian society of the FRFG complemented one another profitably.

The conference agenda is available here.