The International Conference “Ways to Legally Implement Intergenerational Justice”, Lisbon, 27th and 28th of May, 2010

Intergenerational justice is becoming one of the central issues of our time. The dramatic changes in the demographic composition of many developed countries and questions of what justice requires between older, younger, and future generations are increasingly recognised alongside more traditional considerations of social justice. Present generations ought to take responsibility for the far-reaching consequences of human actions.
Consequ06_marisareisently, it is urgently required to legally recognise intergenerational principles and, above all, to create an architecture with enforceability through which the rights of future generations can be made effective. Marisa dos Reis is a research fellow and editor at the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations since September 2009. She conceived of organising an international conference in Lisbon on the topic intergenerational justice and law coupled with an issue of the IGJR. FRFG strongly encouraged this suggestion. Beginning in December 2009, she was in charge of managing all aspects of the Conference and preparing for the publication of conference materials.

In the course of this project, important partnerships were forged with the World Future Council, the Portuguese Society of International Law, the Portuguese Association for the United Nations and the Jacques Delors European Information Centre. Her work at FRFG has been financially supported by the European Commission. The conference was held on the 27th and 28th of May, 2010 at the Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian and it was sponsored by Caixa Geral de Depósitos, Foundation Calouste Gulbenkian, Tribal DDB, DDB and Olissipo Marquês de Sá Hotel.








Left: Clotilde Pestana, Director of  Jacques Delors European Information Centre

Right: Closing Event of the Conference (from left to right: Prof. Almeida Ribeiro, Dr. Maja Göpel, Prof. Marques Guedes and Prof. Jörg Tremmel)   


For more detailed information concerning the event, you can still consult its website During the conference, speakers approached several ways of implementing principles of intergenerational justice principles via international law, European law and at the national level. In the course of debate and conversation between our speakers and participants, obstacles were described with unprecedented clarity and longstanding intuitions were challenged. Furthermore, innovative solutions were formulated and a path was set for ongoing consideration of intergenerational justice and the law. In fact, a new colloquium organised by the Universities of Versailles and Poitiers on the legal responsibility towards future generations will take place on December 10th to the 13th 2010 in France. Prof. Jean-Paul Markus, one of its organisers, attended our Conference and suggested the creation of link between these events, which is very much welcomed. as such, we deeply encourage our readers to attend this event and to consult its websites or for further information.