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------------------------------------------- Staff ------------------------------------------- 

bild_lenk3Maria Lenk (Office Manager)

Maria Lenk is Office Manager to the FRFG since December 2016. In 2015, Ms. Lenk graduated with distinction from the University of Magdeburg as a Master's in Peace and Conflict Studies. She also holds a Bachelor's degree in European Studies. Theories of conflict analysis and conflict management as well as models of sustainable, peaceful societies were at the heart of her studies. Since Ms. Lenk is particularly interested in sustainable and peaceful co-existence as well as in what drives people, she focussed on topics of identity and Transitional Justice - societies' processes of coming to terms with wars and human rights violations. Therefore, the question what kind of future, chances and perspectives we leave for future generations is highly important to her. Before working for the FRFG, Ms. Lenk completed an internship with the US-Embassy in Berlin, as well as internships with NGOs and worked as student assistent for the Master's course Peace and Conflict Studies.

Contact: kontakt[at]srzg.de


Matthias Bockhold

My name is Matthias Bockhold and I am 26 years old. I am studying political science at the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg and I am coming back from an semester abroad to Denmark. I will be an intern for nine weeks at the FRFG and I am looking forward to getting to know the foundation‘s work. During my studies I had no seminars about intergenerational justice. I focussed on environmental politics and in particular upon the possibilities of advocacies to influence the legislation process.


------------Former Interns, Volunteers and Employees from 2009-2016------------


Miray Ates

 My name is Miray Ates and I am 20 years old. I am studying political science and sociology at the University of Mannheim. I will work as an intern at the SRzG for 6 weeks. Due to the fact that global issue like justice, specifically intergenerational justice plays an essential role in order to establish a peaceful co-existence I decided to absolve my internship at this foundation. It is also necessarily to be aware how to improve the structure of a society and which measures could be adopt to promote both sustainability of political decisions and votes of future generations in an efficient way.
Moreover, the foundation offers an interdisciplinary array which means that it focuses on various issues like economy, political economy but also the sustainability in association with intergenerational justice.
I am looking forward to seeking a meaningful and worthwhile work at the foundation which will broaden my horizon and will provide specific knowledge regarding political implication on the future generations. 



Simon Sales Prado

 My name is Simon Sales Prado and I am 19 years old. After finishing school last year and traveling through South America for six months I am now happy to begin a seven week long internship at FRFG. As a young adult I am obviously interested in how my and the next generations‘ interests and needs are considered in the process of political decisionmaking and therefore can relate to the topics the foundation works on. I’m looking forward to increasing my knowledge about those topics and hope that my work will have a positive impact for the FRFG.


Holger Wemmer

My name is Holger Wemmer and I am 26 years old. I am studying social science at the University of Stuttgart, Germany and I’ll be here at the SRzG for an internship for the next eight weeks, bevor I will write my bachelor thesis this summer. At University I learned and read a lot about policy, politics, social interrelations and qualitative and quantitative studies. But intergenerational justice was no topic so far. Yet I am highly interested and I think that it is an important issue to debate about. Not only to give the next generation the same opportunities we had and have, but also to avoid future conflicts. I am looking forward to work intensively on this topic through the next eight weeks and to learn a lot from my work at the FRFG.



 Dana Bonertz

 My name is Dana Bonertz and I’m 25 years old. I am studying Global Politics (MA) at the Georg-August-University in Göttingen. In the last half year I have been 5 months in Budapest as an ERASMUS student in International Relations and Peace and Conflict Studies. Before I am going to write my master thesis in summer I will do an internship at FRFG for five weeks to get to know the work of a scientific foundation.. I’m very interested in questions about intergenerational justice, demography and sustainability. Especially in the interdisciplinary approach between politics, ecology and economics. I hope I can support the FRFG in this topics the next weeks and that this experience will benefit me in personal and professional level.



Alexandra Rojas

My name is Alexandra Rojas and I am 26 years old. I am studying at the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. My major is Political Science and my minor is Japanology. I have just started my internship at FRFG and I am really curious about and appreciate getting an insight in the activities of a Think Tank. Since there have not been many situations of coming in touch with sustainability so far, I hope for acquiring thorough knowledge, especially concerning the interaction of economy, ecology and social aspects. I really look forward to the cooperation with the FRFG.


bild_julia 1Julia Flegel

My name is Julia Flegel, I am 23 years old and currently i am a social sciences student from the Gießen University. During my studies I coped with different seminars concerning generation equality and sustainability. Regarding my Erasmus exchange to Loughborough University, I had the chance to get to know a different society with young people facing their own problems. One of these topics was the Brexit, which has left young people in Uk insecure about their future and their countries’ future. Moreover, I had to deal with questions concerning the young generation while I was in Nepal. During this time I was confronted with topics like globalization, poverty and the young generation’s future. Thanks to the SRzG I have the possibility to broaden my knowledge and let my experience influence my work into the work of a think tank. My motivation is to cope with political topics and especially the topic generation equality as I am concerned by it. Moreover I have the possibility to combine my interest in health care economics and globalization with generation equality. Furthermore I want to combine the question about my own countries’ young generation with young people around the world, because I am convinced that regardless of our decent and culture, young people all over the world have common interests, for which it is worth to work hard on.

Laura foto ellerEller

I am 21 years old and currently studying Governance and Public Policy in Passau. Due to my interest in the interface between economics and politics, I decided to specialize in economics and economical and social policies. When I did my European Voluntary Service in Luxemburg, I got more and more convinced of the importance of political decisions and the meaning of intergenerational justice in the daily life. In my opinion, the ambitious issue of sustainability is just realizable by the use of a dialogue between the different generations. This can only happen if the society adapts progressively to the demographic change and the young people living in our overaged society get a voice at the same time. I already got to know the work of a NGO by doing another internship before. I am looking forward to widening my present knowledge by doing a two-month internship at the SRZG and supporting them with my work.


James Wilhelmjames

James Wilhelm holds a B.A. in International Relations and Sociology from the University of Sussex and and received his M.A. in Global Public Policy after attending Central European University and Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals as an Erasmus Mundus scholarship holder. He is a former editor-in-chief of the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations' peer-reviewed journal, the Intergenerational Justice Review. James currently works as a doctoral research at the university of Salzburg where he is conducting research on the political consequences of the Eurocrisis for European democracies. He also continues to work on a freelance basis for the FRFG.

foto christof wittmaackChristof Wittmaack

Christof Wittmaack is currently studying Social Science and Economics at Erfurt University. Throughout his studies he was working on several topics concerning sustainability and inter-generational justice, as well as globalization. His main interest is the analysis and understanding of the consequences of economic and social developments in today’s societies. During his two-month-internship at the FRFG he wants to broaden his knowledge in this exciting field.

foto petersMarkus Peters

My name is Markus Peters, I am 23 years old and I am currently studying Philosophy & Economics (BA) at the University of Bayreuth. In the next five weeks I will do an internship at the FRFG to get to know the work of a scientific foundation. During my studies I deal frequently with topics like sustainability and generational justice. I hope to increase my knowledge about these topics by doing this internship and furthermore participate in projects of the FRFG to gather practical experience. Especially the interdisciplinary approach at the interface of politics, economics and ecology was very appealing to me. I am looking forward to work at the FRFG and to participate in exciting projects.

foto henn srzg-webseiteTheresa Henn

My name is Theresa Henn, I’m 20 years old and I study political science and economics at the University of Mannheim in my fourth Bachelor’s semester. I have always taken interest in justice throughout generations as well as the responsible and sustainable usage of resources. Therefore, I try  ̶  as an active member of the ,young socialists’ – to influence the world in a positive way. In addition I attempt to increase my knowledge of sustainable politics in my academic studies and I will especially focus on economic and environmental relations between countries on an international level. For the upcoming six weeks I got the possibility to pass an internship at the FRFG. I’m truly looking forward getting to know the work of a think tank which operates at the interface of politics and science. Considering that the maximization of efficiency constantly challenges distributive justice, sustainability becomes more important each day. In order to ensure for future generations equal opportunities we must rethink our today’s economic and ecologic decisions.

igorIgor Dimitrijoski (former Office Manager)

Igor Dimitrijoski (30) became Office Manager of the FRFG in October 2012. He completed his studies in Political Science at the University Erlangen-Nuremberg in 2012, achieving a diploma. He has worked and occupied himself with the concept of intergenerational justice in various contexts and, during his studies, became involved in university politics.

Maria Rialli

My name is Maria Rialli and I come from Athens - Greece. In Athens I have studied Topography. After my studies I worked as a Survey Engineer but I always had interest in social themes and I participated in different citizens' movements and associations. Therefore I took a Master Degree in Geography with emphasis in Social Geography. I also completed an annual pedagogical education program. In the meantime I worked in Greece (from 2010 until 2014) in citizens' service. I believe that more than ever the terms of intergenerational justice and sustainability have a great importance for our society. For this reason the present generation must show responsibility in order to prevent the next generation's rights. For this reason I am glad that I will work as an intern for the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations and that I will have the opportunity to learn more about these issues and how NGOs function. I believe that this experience will benefit me both in personal and professional level, since I would like to work in Germany in the Social field.

Elena-Kristin Esly

My name is Elena-Kristin Esly and I am studying International Peace and Conflict Research in Frankfurt/Main. I will support the FRFG the next two months as an intern. According to my point of view the mutual responsibility between generations and the sustainable design of the future are essential issues concerning all of us. This implies that we have to consider the consequences of our own actions.
For me the debate about the post-2015 agenda offers the opportunity to shape detailed decisions about the future. In this context social interests often remain unnoticed. At this very point I see the responsibility of the FRFG to put the disregarded interests back into the spotlight. I am expecting to support the FRFG the next couple of weeks in their goals.

Tabea Wich

I am 18 years old and I did my A-Levels last year. From the winter term 2015 on I would like to start studying something like Politics, International Relations or Economics. During my six-week internship I look forward to learning about the work of a NGO and gathering experience in the field of a foundation. The most interesting for me about the topic intergenerational justice is how the youth can be represented in an ageing democratic society and which responsibilities exist between the generations. Projects for future generations need to be realized, even if these are not allowed or cannot participate in the political process. Education and how the political apathy among young people can be opposed are the most important topics for me and I hope to learn more about these during my internship at SRzG.

steffi fotoStefanie Kalla

My name is Stefanie Kalla, I’m 21 years old and I’m going to finish my bachelor studies in business administration in summer 2015. I’m using the semester break to do a six-week internship in the SRzG because I think that its work is indispensable to give people a voice who cannot speak for themselves and to draw the attention on the future ecological, social and political consequences of our current thoughtless behaviour. Especially among my fellow students there are too many people who only focus on profit and continuous economic development in their future work life without caring about the possible consequences for future generations. It is important to me to segregate from these persons and thus, I’m especially looking forward to get involved with the SRzG and to do thereby meaningful work.

petter2Petter Godli

My name is Petter Godli, and I am a 24 years old Norwegian. I have a master degree (Master of Arts) in political science with specialization in comparative politics from the University of Oslo. My degree also includes subjects within history, sociology and social economy. I submitted mv master thesis in May, 2013. In my thesis, I investigated political and ideological development in Scandinavian political parties, with special focus on parties in Norway and Sweden. I have always taken interest in political parties, and the important role they have in the West European political systems. With the current demographic changes in Europe, I take particular interest in the responsibility political parties have to ensure that the younger generations are included in political processes and decision making, and to prevent that the younger generations are being politically marginalized. In addition to my educational background, I also have experience from Norwegian youth politics. I have been active in a youth political organization for several years, and I am especially interested in educational politics, business politics and in building a sustainable political development for the future.

I am going to work as an intern at the SRzG in Stuttgart for 12 months (starting October 1. 2013). As my main task, I will work with the next issue of the Intergenerational Justice Review, where the topic will be Youth Quotas. I am really excited about this opportunity, and I look forward to improving my German skills, my knowledge about Youth Quotas as a theme as well as getting insight in how it is to work in an organization/think tank/NGO like SRzG.

madeleineMadeleine Pitkin

My name is Madeleine Pitkin and I am 21 years old. I will be spending 3 ½ months as an intern at SRzG, before returning to England in September to complete the final year of my Bachelors degree at the University of Nottingham. I study German and Spanish and within my course I study the language, literature and history of German and Spanish speaking countries.
I am especially interested in sustainability; currently we are living beyond the Earth`s means and for the sake of the future generations we cannot continue to do so. I am also interested in the SRzG`s work concerning age equality. The European age demographic has changed drastically in recent years and many countries now have an aging population. Young people are under represented and largely unheard. I am looking forward to contributing to the SRzG`s work to combat these, and other, issues concerning intergenerational justice as well as improving my German.

20143107_foto_merleMerle Jasper

My name is Merle Jasper. I am 21 years old and I will work as an intern for eight weeks in SRzG.
I am studying law and politics at the University of Münster.
From September 2012 to September 2013  I volunteered for a Nepalese NGO and lived on a sustainable farm for a couple of months. This time especially enhanced my interest in issues of sustainability. After the year I also started to get politically involved in this topic.
I applied for an internship with SRzG to learn more about intergenerational equity.
I hope to get a deeper understanding of work of the foundation and ideas for my future career.

lisa ruehlLisa Rühl

My name is Lisa Rühl, I am 24 years old and I am going to intern at SRzG for six weeks. I have studied Social Work at HS Esslingen and finished my bachelor’s degree in February this year. Now I am planning to do a master’s degree in Peace and Security Studies for which I want to gain some experiences in the political work of a NGO. I have chosen SRzG because I am interested in their work that espouses intergenerational justice and sustainability which has to be one of the most important topics of politics in view of our future.

leaLea Meerts

My name is Lea Meerts, I am 22 years old and I study political science at the university of Duisburg- Essen. I will complete my B.A. in autumn of 2014. During the last two years of studying, I found, that inter-generation fairness is one of the biggest challenges to politics. The way we live now, financially and economical, cannot continue into future. The foundation gives future generations a voice and also possible solutions to those problems; it shows a way, how inter-generation fairness can work. I am looking forward to contribute to those possibilities.

lisanneLisanne Blümel

My name is Lisanne Blümel , I'm 22 years old and I completed my bachelor studies at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster and at the University of Twente in this October. My degree programme was termed Public Administration (Special Emphasis European Studies ) and it had a political science focus, but it included sociological, legal and economic contents as well. In addition to these various academic priorities especially my bachelor thesis, which examined the sustainability of the convergence criteria in reference to Latvia, emphasised how manifold the areas affecting sustainability are. Therefore, it is very interesting for me how the SRzG deals with the challenges connected to the topic of intergenerational justice. In particular, I am looking forward to the work in the context of the Legislativpreis, because I consider the appreciation of concrete measures as an important instrument to increase political commitment. Overall, I hope that within the three-month internship at SRzG I will gain a good insight into the work of the foundation, while contributing and expanding my knowledge and receiving suggestions for the selection of a master degree in the next year.

c_mehmelConstantin Mehmel

My name is Constantin Mehmel, I am 19 years old and I am currently reading Philosophy & Politics in my fourth semester at Durham University, UK. Already back in school, I was really intrigued by questions surrounding the topic of social justice which is why I joined a political party and also started to engage with this area of interest more theoretically. From a philosophical point of view, I have thus asked myself regularly in how far future generations have to be taken into account and included in the political process so as to be able to speak of genuine pluralistic democracy.
Considering this background, I am really looking forward to working as an intern for the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations for six weeks; in particular with regard to the current Demography Prize 2012/2013 on the topic “Youth Quotas – The Answer to Changes in Age Demographics?”. Working for the FRFG will expose me to new insights into the topic of generational justice and furthermore, to how to work in a think tank or NGO.

ina_kneherIna Kneher

My Name is Ina Kneher, I am 20 years old and have successfully completed my school education in June 2012. In the winter semester 2013, I want to start my studies in the fields of politics, economics and social sciences. During my school years, I’ve dealt with issues of development cooperation and development policy and decided that I want, also occupationally, actively improve the economic, social, environmental and political conditions. With regard to current problems such as climate change, financial and economic crisis and demographic change it is clear that not only short-term measures should be taken, but sustainable solutions are to be found, especially with regard to today’s youth and future generations. The ten-week internship at the FRFG is a great chance for me to broaden my knowledge in case of intergenerational justice and to learn more about the functioning of an NGO.

shari_leinenShari Leinen

My name is Shari Leinen, I am 23 years old. I am currently studying Philosophy & Economics (BA) in my 4th semester at the University of Bayreuth. From September 2012 to January 2013 I have studied at the Université Paris I, where I have spent one semester as an Erasmus student. After finishing school in 2009 I have rendered a voluntary service in Malawi. That was when my interest in economic and political developments as well as my awareness for economic and political sustainability started. During my studies I also deal frequently with topics like generational justice and sustainability. By doing this internship at the FRFG I hope to broaden my knowledge concerning these topics and I am looking forward to gain insight into the functioning of a foundation and to contribute to the work of the FRFG.

dimmroth_kKatharina Dimmroth

Katharina Dimmroth is 21 years old and, at present, is studying Political Science and Religious Studies at the University of Heidelberg where she is in her fifth semester of studies. After a year of studying abroad in the US she's completing a six-week internship for the FRFG in the autumn of 2012. Various seminars during her studies confronted her with the short-term orientation of political decision-making and the failure to include younger generation's interests in that process, especially their lack of representation in public office. This is an area where the FRFG hopes to bring about change.

Katrin Meyermayer_k

Katrin Meyer (20 years old) is studying European Studies at Osnabrück and completing a two-month in-ternship at the FRFG. At university she got attracted to the subject of family and household developments in Western Europe which are highly influenced by demographic change. Politics needs to pay attention to these changing societal structures and make sure that needs of the following generations are taken into consideration. This is an important part of the work of the FRFG.
Katrin is especially interested in the issue of this year’s Intergenerational Justice Award (2011/2012): the question of whether and how government actions (e.g. the implementation of a debt brake) during the financial crisis could influence following generations and their economic power.


Dominik Morlokmorlock_d

Dominik Morlok is studying Politics and Sociology (BA) at the University of Stuttgart and is in his fifth Semester. While studying, his interest in demographic change and questions of intergenerational justice and sustainability was stimulated by attending courses which mainly focused on the analysis of social structures. For example, the fact that short-term economic success has priority over sustained planning and acting in politics - often due to institutional factors – was a prominent theme of the course. The Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations (FRFG) aims to mitigate this short-term approach by restoring long-term thinking to politics and society. As an intern, Mr. Morlok would like to support this process.

Lisa Krotz krotz_lisa

Lisa Krotz is 23 years old and studies Political and Social Science (BA) in her 5th semester at the University of Wurzburg. After completing an academic year at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia, she developed her interest in sustainability and intergenerational fairness through courses in which different points of views were shown and the relevance of intergenerational justice for all countries around the world was highlighted. The aspects of ecological and economic sustainability were especially emphasised in these courses. The pressure for sustainable and long-term policy choices is growing. With this field of action and the efforts to animate the public for ideas, Ms Krotz would like to support this process.



Luise von Zimmermann

My name is Luise von Zimmermann; I am 20 years old and recently completed my school eduction in June 2011. Before beginning my university course in autumn 2012, I’d like to gain experience in the scope of work carried out by non-profit organisations. My decision to apply for this internship is mainly based on my interest in the issue of sustainability that is becoming increasingly important, especially with regards to current problems like finance and economic crises as well as climate and demographic change. It is clear that our present way of using resources definitely has to change. My internship at FRFG offers me the opportunity to learn more about this subject and, at the same time, take action myself.


Marisa dos Reismarisafrfg

Marisa dos Reis has been with the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations since September 2009. She has a licenciate degree in Law by the Faculty of Law of the University Nova de Lisboa (1997-2002). From 2002 to 2003 she worked in a big Law Firm in Lisbon. From 2003 to 2007, she worked as a deputy district prosecutor attorney in Portugal (The Public Prosecution Service).  In that context, she had a close professional relationship with the Commissions for the Protection of Minors at Social Risk (as a legal supervisor). She achieved a specialist diploma in international law, by the Faculty of Law of the University de Lisboa. She is currently writing her thesis on human rights (future generations’ rights) at the same institution. For both professional and personal reasons, she was looking forward to an opportunity to work abroad, especially in Germany and in the field of Human Rights. Collaborating with this Foundation and contributing to this noble mission is the perfect scenario for pursuing her studies and for her self development, both in a professional and personal dimension. 


sebastian_smallSebastian Althoff
Sebastian Althoff is studying Philosophy & Economics (BA) at the University of Bayreuth and is in his 5th Semester. After continuing engagement in a political student association, he developed a significant interest in both education and sustainability. Amongst other activities, he developed this interest further during seminars at the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation, commonly in relation to topics such as integration and sustainable economic instruments; all these themes also constitute a focus of the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations (FRFG). It is the case that future generations cannot speak for themselves in a democracy; it is therefore important for Mr. Althoff to adjust the imbalance in public debate and, above all, to promote the institutionalisation of intergenerational fairness.


wanja_smallWanja Illerhaus-Bell
I’m 25 years old and I’m currently studying Political Science and History at the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University, Hanover. After just a few months of my Bachelor studies, I realised that my studies will mainly focus on the work of NGOs. The deciding factors in choosing an internship at the FRFG were, firstly, my personal interest in demographic change, its consequences, and its relation to intergenerational justice, and secondly, my motivation to strengthen my theoretical knowledge of NGOs and gain practical experience of how they operate. Political debates about demographic change always deal with skill shortages, low birth rates as well as the issue of a guaranteed pension. However, future generations are not represented in daily political discussion to a sufficient extent when these issues are discussed, so it’s necessary to encourage and strengthen social debate in order to increase the pressure on politicians to deal with intergenerational issues. I hope I can support the FRFG in this endeavor during the next three months.


bild nicole_klein_hpNicole Roy
I am 21 years old and I am currently studying Political Science and Sociology at the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt. I have studied at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth for the last 10 months with the Erasmus programme. The issue of intergenerational justice is becoming more important in our contemporary lives and I believe that it should also be recognised in contemporary politics. I am looking forward to working as an intern for the FRFG and learning more about this subject. Future generations cannot fight for their own rights, so it is important that contemporary generations work for a good future, which offers future generations at least the same circumstances as we have today



ninetteNinette Golle
I’m 21 years old and currently studying Political and Social Studies at the University of Würzburg. Starting from schooltime I was very interested in topcis like intergenerational justice and sustainability. In addition, my lectures at university sparked my interest more and more and I recognised the problems and the significance of intergenerational justice. For this reason, I wanted to get involved with spreading these topics into the public. In my opinion, we have the world in our hands and that´s why we are the ones who have to act and change something. Therefore I decided to join the FRFG and now I´m very happy and excited to work here and I´m looking forward to the time at the FRFG.

portrait judithJudith Schellenbauer
I’m 21 years old and currently studying Governmental Studies at the University of Erfurt. Starting from when I went to secondary school, I developed an interest for the rights of the not-represented. After my graduation in 2008, I spent six months in South Africa working as a volunteer. During this period I was made aware of the important role of sustainability within political decisions and intergenerational justice in the labour market. Throughout my studies, I recognised the significance of intergenerational justice in the field of economics, law and politics. I had various reasons for choosing the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations to perform an internship. First of all, I’ll get an insight into the multiple tasks of a foundation. Additionally, the foundation creates important approaches for a modern society. I am happy to be able to work with the team in raising awareness for the rights of future generations and I’m looking forward to the time at the FRFG.

nastasjaNastasja Pilz
My name is Nastasja Pilz, I'm 27 and currently studying Political Science and Medieaval and Modern History at the University of Heidelberg, Germany. I've already graduated in English and Spanish Translation and Interpretation. As required in my political science studies, I am going to do an internship at the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations for the following two months. I hope to get an insight into the general foundation work and into several of the leading topics. I'd also appreciate to help organising various upcoming projects and events. During my studies, I've already taken various classes about social policy and sustainability. Most recenty, I've finished a paper about the mutual influences of child education and child poverty. In my opinion, finding solutions and measures that are acceptable and manageable also for future generations should definitely take centre stage in current politics. Foundations such as the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations may be helpful to make sustainable policy approaches open for public discussion.

joseph new photoJoseph Burke
Joseph Burke holds degrees in Sociology and Politics (B.A.), International Development (MSc.) and Philosophy of the Social Sciences (MSc.) from the University of Limerick, University College Dublin and the London School of Economics, respectively. Joseph has worked with Irish Aid, Ireland’s national aid agency, with a particular focus on expanding partnership with Malawi and harmonising activities within the European Union. He has conducted independent primary research in Uganda on economic governance and Syria on human rights issues plus philosophical work on human rationality. His work has been published by peer-review and by Blackwell Publishers. He has presented at conferences in the U.K., Ireland and the Netherlands on issues across the social sciences and philosophy. Joseph is enthused by the opportunity to work at FRFG where he can draw upon all his previous experience and education in the context of future generations. He is particularly concerned about the nature of our obligations to future generations and how these can be institutionalised most appropriately.

ned chambersNed Chambers
My name is Ned Chambers and I am 20 years old. I come from London and am currently halfway through the third year abroad of a French and German BA at the University of Nottingham. After spending the French half of my year abroad studying literature for a semester at the University of Strasbourg I am spending just over three months working in Oberursel as an intern on the editing committee for the Intergenerational Justice Review. Working with the Foundation not only allows me to capitalise on my previous journalistic experience as the Features Editor of a music magazine in Nottingham but it also gives me a great opportunity to improve my German skills in a professional context and should hopefully provide a unique insight into a subject area which appeals to my independent interest in political and social matters. I am happy to be working with the foundation on a topic which is both intellectually stimulating and fascinatingly relevant.

photo-joscha niemeyer_kleinJoscha Niemeyer
My name is Joscha Niemeyer, I am 22 years old and I study Political and Social Studies (B.A.) at the Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg. Due to my studies I have become interested in questions of sustainability and intergenerational justice. Therefore I am looking forward to my internship here at the FRFG, because it will give me the opportunity to work on this very interesting subject. What interests me in particular in the work of the foundation is that they work interdisciplinary and on a variety of topics.

letitiaLetitia Matarea
My name is Letitia Corina Matarea Türk. I am 23 years old and am currently in my fourth semester of a Master in International Studies/Peace and Conflict Research at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt.
Because of my interest in playing an active role in the spreading and deepening of public discourse on the topic of intergenerational justice, I am happy to be able to intern at the FRFG. I firmly believe that our future is not determined, but moulded by our decisions and our actions. I therefore think that it is important to take collective responsibility and to adhere to a policy of sustainability in order to create a fair and worth living future for both present and future generations.
As such, by doing this internship I hope not only to accumulate insight into the work of a scientific foundation, but also to deep my knowledge of this field.

clip_image002Anika Stühler.
My name is Anika Stühler. I am 21 years old and have completed an internship at the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations after my third semester of studying “Culture and Economics” at the University of Mannheim. During my time at the foundation I had the opportunity to get an insight into the work of a think-tank, encompassing administrative matters as well as research work. Furthermore I was able to pursue my aim to widen my perspective concerning issues of sustainability since I got in touch with many aspects of intergenerational justice and got to know more about its importance and its implementation. 

sylvain_danDan Sylvain
I am Dan Sylvain aged 24, and I have studied foreign languages (Spanish and English). After a “Licence LEA” (this can be compared with a Bachelor) from the University Stendhal (Grenoble 3) in France (my homeland), I am eager to learn German and to gain knowledge on the theme of intergenerational justice. That is why I chose the FRFG to do a one year European Voluntary Service, and during my stay I hope to meet a lot of new and very interesting people.

tineChristine Obst
My name is Christine Obst, I am 24 years old and I study political science and public law at the Justus-Liebig-Universität in Giessen. I am quite interested in political and social aspects of society as well as intergenerational justice. From my point of view especially the topic of intergenerational justice has to be more reflected in politics. I chose to work at the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations for eight weeks and I expect to obtain an insight into the life of a foundation.

tanjaTanja Eschenauer
My name is Tanja Eschenauer, I am 20 years old and I study political science and religious studies at the Ruprecht-Karls-University in Heidelberg. I am quite interested in political, social and economic aspects of society as well as ecological problems. In order to experience the possible vocational fields of prospective political scientists I chose to work at the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations for five weeks. Being a young member of society, I can easily identify with the aims of the FRFG which comprise economic, political and ecological sustainability as well as intergenerational justice.  I am glad to spend five weeks in Oberursel and help drawing attention to the topic of intergenerational justice.

muellerKristof Müller
My name is Kristof Müller, I am 25 years old and I study political science and economics at the Georg-August-University Göttingen. Through a seminar on economic policy in the winter semester of 2008/2009, I became acquainted with the general topic of generational justice and therefore I also discovered the work of the foundation. Especially the interdisciplinary approach was very appealing to me.
I am very happy to gain practical insight into the functioning of an institution like the FRFG through my work at the foundation; and I am also looking forward to delving deeper into the topic of generational justice and learning more about it.

beaverAlessy Beaver
My name is Alessy Beaver. I’m a 22 year old political science graduate from the University of Manchester who is working at the foundation for ten weeks. I am very interested in the field of intergenerational justice as I specialised in the topic of future generations for my undergraduate dissertation. I plan to pursue this area of study in my upcoming Masters and hope that my time at the foundation will broaden my knowledge of the practical and theoretical aspects of this subject. I also hope this internship will give me the opportunity to develop the writing and editing skills I have acquired from working in newspaper journalism. Having spent time volunteering for other NGOs such as Amnesty International and Fair Trade I value the opportunity to contribute to an organisation which promotes awareness of a range of important international and intergenerational issues.

taylorHannah Taylor-Kensell
I am 21 years old and I have recently graduated with a BSc in Psychology from Swansea University, Wales. After graduating this summer I was keen to grasp new experiences, different cultures and knowledge separate from my degree discipline. During my time at university I did a great deal of voluntary work with people of various ages, abilities and from different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. I chose to do my voluntary year at the FRFG as intergenerational justice is very important to me and is at the heart of much of the work that I do. During my time at the FRFG I look forward to learning more about the subject from an intellectual perspective and hope to begin a project inspiring local young people to promote and value intergenerational justice.

karstenKarsten Gödderz
My Name is Karsten Gödderz, I am 24 years old and I am studying Geography (Diploma), political sciences and agricultural economics in Bonn. Within the scope of my studies I soon came into contact with issues of demography and as a geographer naturally as well with topics like ecology and sustainability and I got very much into these topics. After finishing my studies abroad at the University of Warsaw, I am now completing an internship for the FRFG. During this three-month internship, I want to gain practical knowledge, which shall add up to my theoretical knowledge. Additionally I want to get to know the work of a scientific foundation. I decided to apply at the FRFG, because I think that intergenerational justice is both an very important and versatile topic and I want to contribute to raise the awareness for this topic in society and politics.
peterPeter Schoen
I am 23 years old and studying political science (diploma) in the fifth semester at the Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg. Due to my field of activity at the university and my particular interest for intergenerational justice and the problems and challenges attached to it, I am extremely happy about doing an internship at the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations. I expect from my internship to receive an insight into the life of a foundation and moreover broaden my knowledge on and understanding for issues like Intergenerational Justice, Sustainability and Demography which will be highly advantageous for my further academic development.

catharinaCathrina Wilker
My name is Cathrina Wilker and I am 23 years old. Since autumn 2005 I have been studying political science combined with an additional course specialisation in technology and international development at the Technical University Darmstadt. By this course specialisation and my work for the Interdisciplinary Research Group Science, Technology and Security I got involved with questions of sustainability and in addition to this interest it is the interdisciplinary aspect of the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations that caught my attention. During my four-week internship I would like to gain insight into the work of a scientific foundation and the subject of intergenerational justice.

krohFelix Kroh
After studying in Basel and Rome I will return to the University of Freiburg at the End of October. In the meantime I want to know more about the work of think-tanks. As a student of political science, sociology and economics the FRFG appeals quite interesting to me and I hope to learn more about the actual debate concerning issues like intergenerational justice and sustainability during my internship.

kastlAïsha Kastl
My name is Aïsha Kastl and I´m 24 years old. I´m studying political science and sociology at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. I chose this career because I´m interested in questions about political and sociological development of societies, most of all in topics concerned with development, good governance and sustainability in developing countries. I got interested in the work of the FRFG because I wanted to get an idea of how the topics generational justice and sustainability are being implemented in German politics and how the foundation looks forward to drawing political and public attention to this issues.    

poellmannKatharina Pöllmann
My name is Katharina Pöllmann and I am 22 years old. Since autumn 2005 I have been studying Political Science and French at the Leopold-Franzens University in Innsbruck. My study plan prescribes an internship but it is also my desire to gain experiences in prospective occupational fields. As I am very interested in political research I am doing a 6-week internship at the FRFG where I do not only gain an insight into very actual fields of research like intergenerational justice, sustainability and demography but also into a broad spectrum of the work of a non-profit organisation.

hundorfJasmin Hundorf Hey, my name is Jasmin Hundorf. I’m 20 years old and I’m studying political science and law at the University of Muenster in the 5th semester. I’ve been interested in ecological questions for several years and during my studies I’m concentrating on ecological economics. After several internships in journalism I wanted to gain insight into the work of a scientific foundation. While doing research for a term paper on the topic of “Sustainable development as gold standard?” I came across the homepage of the FRFG. During my internship I hope to find a better answer to the question if the conflict between ecology and economy can be resolved by the concept of sustainable development.

rohe Maren Rohe
My name is Maren Rohe and I am 21 years old. I have been studying at Maastricht University (The Netherlands) for two years. As part of that programme I have been studying the EU’s activities for sustainable social, education and migration policy. During an internet search on that topic I came across the FRFG and decided to apply for a two-month internship which I started on June 9. I am also an active member of Amnesty International, as I believe that the rights of future generations are human rights as well. At the FRFG I hope to help encourage political debates which look beyond the horizons of the next electoral campaign.

wolffIsabel Wolff
My name is Isabel Wolff (26) and I am a student at the University for Political Science in Munich. I got interested into inter- and intragenerational justice when I did a voluntary ecological year 8 years ago. During my studies at university I learned about the influence of demographic change into economy and society. For my diploma I analysed the German sustainability policy within the political process. From the first of April until the 15th of June I am a trainee at the Foundation for the Right of Future Generations and I am looking forward to get some experiences into the work of the foundation.

wirtzKatharina Wirtz
My name is Katharina Wirtz, I am 24 years old and since 2003 I have been studying at the University of Münster (WWU). My subjects are political science, law and German literature. In my time as an intern in the Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations (FRFG), I would like to learn more about methods and theories that deal with the demographical change. In particular, I’m interested in the chances provided by a new inter-generational contract. By the way, I work as a free journalist for a newspaper, in which I manage a page for youths – a future generation.

goldIlja Gold, Trainee
My name is Ilja Gold (21) and I study political sciences and law at the University of Bremen since October 2006. I decided to pass an internship at the Foundation for he Rights of Future Generations (FRFG), because I would like to gain experiences in an academic foundation in general and specially because the issues of the foundation fits to the focus of my studies.  In consideration of the demographic change and the still increasing global pollution for me it is very important to emphasise on these problems and to get involved with this field to give the next generations a worth living future.  

westemeyerStefan Westemeyer, Trainee
My name is Stefan Westemeyer, 21, and I am a trainee of the FRFG at the moment. My work for the foundation will amount to seven weeks. I am studying political science and sociology (B.A. social sciences) at the Justus-Liebig-University in Gießen (Germany) since October 2006. Accordingly, my aim at the foundation is to learn more about demographic processes and solutions for demographic issues in our community. So I will try to accumulate as much knowledge as possible in my time at the FRFG and the Institute for a better Demographic Future (IDZ).

patowskyDana Patowsky, Trainee
My Name is Dana Patowsky (24), and I’m studying sociology at the Martin Luther University in Halle since 2004. For two months, I’m intern at the FRFG in order to make some working experiences and to get to know how a scientific foundation works.Because of the aging society the topic of intergenerational justice still becomes more important. I would like to make a contribution to raise the interest in this issue in our civil community. After finishing the practical training, I’d like to write my dissertation about intergenerational relationship.

riesMartina Ries, 23 years, Trainee
I am living in Heidelberg where I am in my fourth year of my studies of Geography, Economics and Spanish. Before I will start with my final exams next year I would like to do some practical work. I am very interested in demography and I plan to do my final thesis in this field of research. Therefore I hope to learn more about these topics at my work at the idz. During my internship here I will help to organise the international symposium „Demographic change, intergenerational justice and the implementation of long-term thinking“. Moreover, I am looking forward to take part in the next german-spanish edition of the magazine “Intergenerational Justice Review”.

krauseIna Krause, 23 years, Trainee
I am making an internship at the foundation for the rights of future generations for the next three months.
For the last three years I have been studying Philosophy & Economics at the University of Bayreuth. Apart form my bachelor-thesis, my studies are nearly completed.  I am  particulary interested in business ethics. Therefore  working at  the  fondation for the  rights of future  generations  is  very interesting. So I hope, I'll get the chance to contribute to many different and interesting projects.

hanelFlorian Hanel, 25 years, Trainee
I am studying Political Science at Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University. Last year I have been 10 months in Lund(Sweden) as an Erasmus student. My seminars were about the Swedish welfare state, especially the Sweden pension system. By my trainee in FRFG I expect to gain knowledge over the Welfare state and the pensions system as soon as I get involved in the Foundation daily life. Furthermore, it is interesting to see how a foundation copes with working between political theory and practice. For example, to see to what extend the foundation can influence the politic decision process. In Sweden I have looked over the FRFG ´s website. In the beginning the internationality has drawn my attention. Here are trainee from all Europe, so I hope that the English I have practiced in Sweden remains.

redondoDiana Redondo, 21 years, European volunteer
Life is training. So I am here in Germany, there are many things that I must train: my German, my journalist knowledge and my independence. I have just finished my career, I have worked in several magazines and in SRZG I have the chance to coordinate the Spanish- German and actualized the website. It’s a big task, but I enjoy the challenges.
Besides, I like being involved in such a good project. Future Generations Rights is a great idea to fight for, so I am pleased with working here. Sustainability is a concept we all should practice, and it is our duty to claim for it to our democratic representatives. Collaborating to spread this idea makes me feel proud: we still can change the world.

muratBertrand Murat, 25 Years, European volunteer
I am from Palaiseau, a town close to Paris. I have studied in a Business school and last year I have made a civil voluntary service. Since July 2006 I am a volunteer in FRFG. I think that is very important the FRFG´s project to preserve the rights for the next generations. The foundation’s objectives have drawn my attention because it deals with ecology, demography and economy. Moreover, in my time here I want to learn German and how to coordinate a magazine publication.

coutadeurSandrine Coutadeur, 21 years, Trainee
My name is Sandrine and I live in a little town in the outskirts from Paris. For three years I have studied Law, languages and Marketing combined. I must be a trainee employee for two months in a foreign country. As I want to learn more about Germany and its culture I have chosen to work for FRFG. I am very interested in the theme of intergenerational justice and sustainability. I think that the next generations deserve to have the same possibilities as we have had. Here I want to help to the foundation’s aims, gain experience and improve my German.

sabaliauskasSandra Sabaliauskas, 33 years, Trainee
My name is Sandra Sabaliauskas. I am in my last semester in the University at Rostock, I am writing my bachelor exam in Philosophy.  I have also studied Slavish language and culture. I have observed FRFG history since its beginning and I hope that I can implement my moral and social interests. These interests regard the human being as individual on the one hand and as part of the society on the other hand. In the foundation I organize the new magazine about “Intergenerational justice and demography change”. As I want to work in future as an editor, I think I will learn many useful things publishing the magazine. The engagement and energy of the trainee employees is amazing and I wonder why the FRFG did not became more famous in the last 10 years.

stenebergBenjamin Steneberg, 25 years, Trainee
For 4 months I will work for the idz and the demography award. I was born in Uelzen, Niedersachsen, but I am studiying in Dresden industrial engineering and management. While I am in Oberursel I want to start writting my thesis about “the slowness of the science process”. I am looking forward to deal with the variety of tasks and the routine life  in the foundation.