Tremmel, Jörg (2006): Handbook of Intergenerational Justice
ISBN 13-978145429003

This handbook provides a detailed overview of various issues related to intergenerational justice. Comprising articles written by a distinguished group of scholars from the international academic community, the handbook is divided into two main thematic sections – foundations and definitions of intergenerational justice, and institutionalization of intergenerational justice. The first part clarifies basic terms and explores the origins of the idea of intergenerational justice. The second part of the volume highlights how posterity can be institutionally protected, for example by inserting relevant clauses into national constitutions.
Reading this volume is the best way to gain an overall knowledge of intergenerational justice.


Tremmel, Jörg (ed.) (2008): Demographic Change and Intergenerational Justice: The Implementation of Long-Term Thinking in the Political Decision Making Process
ISBN 978-3-540-77084-8

The book deals with the field of intergenerational justice and demographic change, examining it as seen from different discipline’s perspectives. The authors from different countries analyze the consequences of the demographic change for economic policies as well as for environmental and social policies, not forgetting to include ethical problems in their considerations. This interdisciplinary anthology is composed of five sections. Section one analyzes the trends and consequences of demographic change for a national economy. The second section examines the impact of demographic change on key sustainability indicators in certain areas of interest in more detail. The following section, asks how intergenerational justice is affected if sustainability indicators change due to demographic change. The fourth section addresses the possibilities of population policies to affect intergenerational justice. The last section introduces and analyzes propositions for the realization of an intergenerational policy.


Tremmel, Jörg (eds.) (2015): Youth Quotas and other Efficient Forms of Youth Participation in Ageing Societies
ISBN: 978-331913-430-7

This book analyzes how rights, interests and worries of young people can be appropriately represented in Western democracies. A new idea is the introduction of Youth Quotas in political institutions to act against the marginalization of the youth – caused by demographic change and concomitant with the overrepresentation of the interests of elders. The authors analyze the topic “Youth Quotas” from a philosophical, political, sociological and demographic perspective and look at the eligibility of Youth Quotas and other measures, for a suitable consideration of the (ecological) interests of young and future generations in political institutions.


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