Who we are

The Foun­da­tion for the Rights of Future Gen­er­a­tions (FRFG), is an advo­ca­to­ry think tank. It was found­ed in 1997 by a non-par­ti­san alliance of five young peo­ple between the ages of 18 and 27. To this day, the non-par­ti­san foun­da­tion is head­ed by one of the youngest foun­da­tion boards in Ger­many. The board is sup­port­ed by young ambas­sadors, a board of trustees and a sci­en­tif­ic advi­so­ry board that brings togeth­er renowned sci­en­tists.


Our Motivation

Pol­i­tics and soci­ety are cur­rent­ly fixed on the present. Grad­ual and future prob­lems lack pub­lic and polit­i­cal atten­tion. Elec­tion cycles force politi­cians to achieve polit­i­cal suc­cess  with­in the leg­isla­tive term, if pos­si­ble. And the costs of today’s polit­i­cal, eco­nom­ic and social deci­sions are all too fre­quent­ly shift­ed into the future. Neg­a­tive long-term con­se­quences often remain uncon­sid­ered today. In the long run, the young and future gen­er­a­tions are affect­ed by most of today’s deci­sions — but the voice of the younger gen­er­a­tion is under-rep­re­sent­ed in the deci­sion-mak­ing process. And future gen­er­a­tions are speech­less today.
We want to change that.
We are com­mit­ted to a pol­i­cy, econ­o­my and soci­ety that takes into account the rights of future gen­er­a­tions, respects plan­e­tary bound­aries, does not shift costs into the future with­out ben­e­fits, invests in the future, tack­les long-term prob­lems pow­er­ful­ly, and sus­tain­ably strength­ens democ­ra­cy. Future gen­er­a­tions should have at least the same chances of sat­is­fy­ing their own needs as today’s gen­er­a­tions. We do not want to live at the expense of those who come after us.
Younger and old­er gen­er­a­tions work togeth­er for an inter­gen­er­a­tional jus­tice that includes future gen­er­a­tions — that is the vision that dri­ves us.


Our Mission

To this end, we raise aware­ness of inter­gen­er­a­tional jus­tice in pol­i­tics, busi­ness and soci­ety and inform the inter­est­ed pub­lic about a wide range of top­ics relat­ing to inter­gen­er­a­tional jus­tice. As rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the inter­ests of future gen­er­a­tions, we devel­op impact-ori­ent­ed con­cepts on a sci­en­tif­ic basis for the real­i­sa­tion of inter­gen­er­a­tional jus­tice and inject them into cur­rent polit­i­cal and social debates. We encour­age young peo­ple to engage in future issues and we pro­mote young research on the top­ic of inter­gen­er­a­tional jus­tice.


Our Operating Principles

We are:
…inde­pen­dent: The foun­da­tion is inde­pen­dent and non-par­ti­san and is financed main­ly by dona­tions from pri­vate indi­vid­u­als.
…pas­sion­ate: We are inspir­ing change­mak­ers, believe in our vision and put our heart and soul into it. Most of our employ­ees sup­port us on a vol­un­tary basis.
…goal-ori­ent­ed: We want to make a dif­fer­ence and change soci­ety. We there­fore set our­selves high goals and reg­u­lar­ly review their imple­men­ta­tion.
…effi­cient: We waste nei­ther sub­si­dies nor resources. All resources avail­able to us are used effi­cient­ly and effec­tive­ly.
…pol­i­cy advice: The foun­da­tion is reg­is­tered in the so called “lob­by list” of the Ger­man Bun­destag and has spe­cial con­sul­ta­tive sta­tus with the UN’s ECOSOC.



While our work is reward­ing, we’re always delight­ed and hon­ored when respect­ed orga­ni­za­tions rec­og­nize our achieve­ments.

2018 — Ener­gy Globe Award “Nation­al Win­ner”
2014 — Our Task Award
2011 — Award by the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion for the imple­men­ta­tion of Euro­pean Vol­un­tary Ser­vice
2008 — Inte­gra­tion Award of the Apfel­baum Foun­da­tion
2001 — Citizen’s Medal of the City of Oberursel
2000 — Theodor Heuss Medal



We need You!

We are always look­ing for peo­ple and orga­ni­za­tions want­i­ng to col­lab­o­rate with us in order to find inno­v­a­tive and rea­son­able solu­tions to prob­lems on inter­gen­er­a­tional jus­tice.
We will be hap­py to send you some fur­ther infor­ma­tion pack­ages.

Become a ‘friend of FRFG’ and help us make the world more inter­gen­er­a­tional­ly just!