Who we are

The Foundation for the Rights of Future Generations (FRFG), is an advocatory think tank. It was founded in 1997 by a non-partisan alliance of five young people between the ages of 18 and 27. To this day, the non-partisan foundation is headed by one of the youngest foundation boards in Germany. The board is supported by young ambassadors, a board of trustees and a scientific advisory board that brings together renowned scientists.


Our Motivation

Politics and society are currently fixed on the present. Gradual and future problems lack public and political attention. Election cycles force politicians to achieve political success  within the legislative term, if possible. And the costs of today’s political, economic and social decisions are all too frequently shifted into the future. Negative long-term consequences often remain unconsidered today. In the long run, the young and future generations are affected by most of today’s decisions – but the voice of the younger generation is under-represented in the decision-making process. And future generations are speechless today.
We want to change that.
We are committed to a policy, economy and society that takes into account the rights of future generations, respects planetary boundaries, does not shift costs into the future without benefits, invests in the future, tackles long-term problems powerfully, and sustainably strengthens democracy. Future generations should have at least the same chances of satisfying their own needs as today’s generations. We do not want to live at the expense of those who come after us.
Younger and older generations work together for an intergenerational justice that includes future generations – that is the vision that drives us.


Our Mission

To this end, we raise awareness of intergenerational justice in politics, business and society and inform the interested public about a wide range of topics relating to intergenerational justice. As representatives of the interests of future generations, we develop impact-oriented concepts on a scientific basis for the realisation of intergenerational justice and inject them into current political and social debates. We encourage young people to engage in future issues and we promote young research on the topic of intergenerational justice.


Our Operating Principles

We are:
…independent: The foundation is independent and non-partisan and is financed mainly by donations from private individuals.
…passionate: We are inspiring changemakers, believe in our vision and put our heart and soul into it. Most of our employees support us on a voluntary basis.
…goal-oriented: We want to make a difference and change society. We therefore set ourselves high goals and regularly review their implementation.
…efficient: We waste neither subsidies nor resources. All resources available to us are used efficiently and effectively.
…policy advice: The foundation is registered in the so called „lobby list“ of the German Bundestag and has special consultative status with the UN’s ECOSOC.



While our work is rewarding, we’re always delighted and honored when respected organizations recognize our achievements.

2018 – Energy Globe Award „National Winner
2014 – Our Task Award
2011 – Award by the European Commission for the implementation of European Voluntary Service
2008 – Integration Award of the Apfelbaum Foundation
2001 – Citizen’s Medal of the City of Oberursel
2000 – Theodor Heuss Medal



We need You!

We are always looking for people and organizations wanting to collaborate with us in order to find innovative and reasonable solutions to problems on intergenerational justice.
We will be happy to send you some further information packages.

Become a ‘friend of FRFG’ and help us make the world more intergenerationally just!