Inter­gen­er­a­tional Jus­tice Prize

The Foun­da­tion for the Rights of Future Gen­er­a­tions (FRFG) offers an “Inter­gen­er­a­tional Jus­tice Award”, val­ued at €10,000. It is financed by the “Stiftung Apfel­baum” and award­ed every two years. The prize mon­ey can be divid­ed up amongst win­ning entrants as the jury sees fit. The jury itself may not enter the com­pe­ti­tion, but it is open to every­one else, and team appli­ca­tions are also pos­si­ble. The best arti­cles are pub­lished in an anthol­o­gy. The prize(s) are gen­er­al­ly award­ed at an awards cer­e­mo­ny dur­ing a con­gress in June/July of the clos­ing year. Aim of the com­pe­ti­tion Our soci­ety needs a con­struc­tive dis­cus­sion on sus­tain­able pol­i­tics that also takes inter­gen­er­a­tional jus­tice into account. By announc­ing this prize, the Foun­da­tion for the Rights of Future Gen­er­a­tions aims to pro­mote this dis­cus­sion by pro­vid­ing a sci­en­tif­ic base for it. It should also cre­ate new per­spec­tives in the field of inter­gen­er­a­tional jus­tice for the con­sid­er­a­tion of today’s deci­sion mak­ers, by moti­vat­ing young schol­ars, stu­dents and any­one else who is inter­est­ed to get involved with sci­en­tif­ic or more non-aca­d­e­m­ic ques­tions in the field of inter­gen­er­a­tional justice.

Cur­rent contest:

Past con­tests:
7th Inter­gen­er­a­tional Jus­tice Prize 2013/2014
6th Inter­gen­er­a­tional Jus­tice Prize 2011/2012
5th Inter­gen­er­a­tional Jus­tice Prize 2009/2010
4th Inter­gen­er­a­tional Jus­tice Prize 2007/2008

Demog­ra­phy Prize for Young Researchers

Since 2007, the Insti­tut für demografis­che Zukun­fts­fähigkeit (Insti­tute for a Bet­ter Demo­graph­ic Future) has awared the Demog­ra­phy Prize for Young Researchers val­ued at €10,000 €. This award is financed by the Stiftung Apfel­baum — Lern­pro­jekt für Ko-Evo­lu­tion und Inte­gra­tion (Apple­tree Foun­da­tion — A Learn­ing Project for Co-evo­lu­tion and Inte­gra­tion). The prize is now award­ed by the FRFG. In our chang­ing demo­graph­ic cir­cum­stances the Demo­graph­ic prize for Young Researchers is an impor­tant con­tri­bu­tion to improv­ing pub­lic con­scious­ness about demo­graph­ic themes. The com­pe­ti­tion, the announce­ment of the win­ners, and the even­tu­al pub­li­ca­tion of the win­ning entries will all serve to expose peo­ple to themes that are impor­tant to the Foun­da­tion for the Rights of Future Gen­er­a­tions (FRFG).

The prize will encour­age dis­cus­sions about demo­graph­ic change, enable these dis­cus­sions to be based upon prop­er sci­en­tif­ic under­stand­ing, and high­light dif­fer­ent ways today’s deci­sion-mak­ers could deal with demo­graph­ic issues. In short, the FRFG aims to increase the num­ber of dis­ser­ta­tions and the­ses writ­ten on this sub­ject by rais­ing aware­ness of the theme at an ear­ly point in the life of young researchers; by writ­ing a the­sis on the sub­ject today, the FRFG hopes that a life­long inter­est in the top­ic will be cul­ti­vat­ed with respect to the par­tic­i­pat­ing young researchers.

Cur­rent contest:
Demog­ra­phy Prize 2014/2015

Past con­tests:
Demog­ra­phy Prize 2012/2013
Demog­ra­phy Prize 2010/2011
Demog­ra­phy Prize 2008/2009
Demog­ra­phy Prize 2006/2007

Leg­isla­tive Prize

The Leg­isla­tive Prize will be award­ed in 2013 for the first time and hence­forth every year in which a nation­al elec­tion is held in Ger­many. It will be an unre­mu­ner­at­ed award which chal­lenges par­tic­i­pants to pro­pose a law which solves a prob­lem or injus­tice that affects future gen­er­a­tions and/or to pro­tect future gen­er­a­tions from such prob­lems and injus­tices in the future. Imag­in­able entries could focus on, for instance, the debt-brake, the Euro­pean Sta­bil­i­ty Mech­a­nism, the low­er­ing of the vot­ing age, the pos­si­bil­i­ty of a cap­i­tal levy for future gen­er­a­tions, etc. Thus the leg­isla­tive ini­tia­tive should be main­ly based on the prin­ci­ple gen­er­a­tional jus­tice. The act­ing recip­i­ents of the Leg­isla­tive Prize should be politi­cians who are either mem­bers of a gov­ern­ment (such as the Ger­man Fed­er­al Gov­ern­ment), hold seats in a par­lia­ment (e.g. Ger­man Fed­er­al Par­lia­ment or the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment), or who are cur­rent office-hold­ers in the polit­i­cal sphere (e.g. Gen­er­al Sec­re­tary, Exec­u­tive Board Mem­ber).  FRFG wel­comes fur­ther sug­ges­tions for pos­si­ble candidates.

More infor­ma­tion about the Leg­isla­tive Prize can be found here.