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Rally of Youth PDF Print E-mail

Rally of Youth

The “Rally of Youth” was the final part of the whole “Our Common Future”-Project. The task of the bicyclists was to hand over the resolution of the EYC to the representatives of the German and the Polish Government. The rally started in Hanover and went via Berlin to Warsaw, starting on the 13th and returning on the 19th of August in Hanover. The ‘dream team’ consisted of five participants of the EYC: Bill Wetzel (USA), Julia Junger (Germany), Katharina Klausch (Germany), Martin Viehöver (Germany) and Michal Malkiewicz (Poland). 


It was simply incredible to bike through Berlin with a police escort going over red lights just like we were some president, shouting “Our Common Future – now, now, now!”. Arriving at the Justizministerium a quarter to ten and having to wait in front of the gate  raised the tension further. Finally when the gate opened we stopped shouting for a second, because we all could not believe our eyes: over 30 journalists, photographers and cameraman were expecting us!

This moment really was the highlight of the Rally, biking into the Justizministerium with flashlights everywhere. After some interviews with Mrs. Däubler-Gmelin we were invited for a drink and had the chance to discuss the resolution and possible future activities with her. Mrs. Däubler-Gmelin encouraged us to demonstrate for a European constitution in Nice, France  in December, where the “Charta of Fundamental Rights“ will be discussed at the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC). She even promised to arrange some meetings with other  ministers there! After this amazing event did the “dream team” take one day off in Berlin Köpenick and swam in the Spree. 

Arriving in Warsaw, it seemed at first as if the representatives of the government did not really expect us there. After finally being allowed to enter the ministry, we had to find out two minutes before the meeting, that we would not meet the Prime Minister, Mr. Buzek, but his youngest secretary! The funniest thing was, that he expected us to arrive in a suit (cycling all the way from Hanover to Warszawa)… 


The distance we did by bike was 351 km while we covered 1345 km by train and van. This makes a total of 1696 km.

The rally was a lot of fun and finally the message of the OCF also got into the media! Although the planning was chaotic, and without the help especially of Frauke Rumöller from AIESEC and many others, the rally would not have taken place, it finally worked out and became an overall success.